Design, Manufacture, Supply, Maintenance and Repair of Engineering Components

  • Axle-Mounted Shaft Encoders that provide input signals to the propulsion system
  • Bogie Odometers that provide distance-travelled information to the maintenance staff
  • Data Loggers on motor coaches
  • Train Destination Indicators (has been prototyped)
  • Voltage Regulator for the motor generators and motor alternators (has been prototyped)
  • Prototyping new propulsion system for PRASA 5M2 motor coaches
  • Glova Rail (Denmark) Vacuum-on-Demand Toilets
  • Real-time Asset Tracking System

Product Diversification

  • Introduction of Shunting Locomotives up to 60-tonne mass to the product range

Modernisation of Rolling Stock

  • Conversion of Motor Coaches to latest traction convertor and auxiliary power technology
  • Introduction of Diesel Multiple Units to the local rail industry
  • Conversion of Pantographs from copper to carbon collector strips

After Sales Support & Maintenance

  • User Training and Support
  • Support and Maintenance on equipment
  • Tracking of New Modifications under test